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Electric Motor Repair 3rd Edition


Format: SOFT (Softcover)
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Every once in a while we find a "gem" ofa book - one every elevator contractor needs. Such is Electric Motor Repair, one of the most comprehensive books on the subject we have ever encountered.It is uniquely divided into two parts, with all the illustrations ring-bound on the left andall the text ring-bound on the right. There are 426 pages of illustrationsand 349 pages of text, including acomprehensive index and study questions.The book is a reference as well as a teaching text.Thecoverage is extensive; for example, on page 120 it describes howto identify thenine leads of an untagged three-phase, dual voltage, wye-connectedmotor. Pages 178-185 describe troubleshooting DCmotors.Other sections describe rewinding both AC and DC machines, commutatorrepair, various contactors, ladder diagrams, etc.You name itand we are certain it can be found. The book covers the rangefrom small to largemotors, both AC and DC. It also includesstarting andrunning circuits, both usingrelays and solid-state devices. It has introductionson how to rewind motors, but more importantly, if you really needa rewind.It even tells you how to fix a clock motor ­ sorry, nothing onmodeltrain motorsCONTENTS1 CAPACITOR MOTORS Main Parts of Capacitor Motors - Operation of Split-Phase and Capacitor-Start Motors - Procedure for Analyzing Motor Troubles - Rewinding theCapacitor-Start Motor - Terminal Markings for Single-Phase Motors - Schematic Diagrams of Capacitor-Start Motors - How to Recognize a Connection Insulation Temperature - Forming Slot Liners - Rewinding - Making Connections - Motor Overload Protective Devices - Schematic Diagrams of Capacitor-Start Motors - Connections of Capacitor-Start Motors - Rewinding the Two-Voltage Capacitor-Start Motor - Permanent-Split Capacitor Motors - Two-Value Capacitor-Start Motor Start-WindingConnections - Calculations for Rewindingand Reconnecting - Capacitor Failure - The Right-sized Capacitor - Formulas forFinding Capacitor Values - Troubleshooting and Repair2 REPULSION-TYPE MOTORS Construction - The Repulsion-Start Induction Motor - The Repulsion Motor - The Repulsion-lnduction Motor Electrically Reversible Repulsion Motors- Rewinding and Reconnecting Repulsion Motors - Troubleshooting and Repair3 THREE-PHASE MOTORS Varieties of Three-Phase Motors - Rewinding Three-Phase Motors -Nameplates for Dual-Voltage, Three-PhaseMotors - Recording Other Data - Connecting Three-Phase, Lap-wound Motors- Three-Phase Concentric Windings -Part-Winding-Start Motors - Identifying the Nine Leads of Untagged Three-Phase, Dual-Voltage, Wye-connected Motors - Odd-Pole Grouping - Rewinding and Reconnecting Three-Phase Motors - Changing Concentric Windings to LapWindings - Troubleshooting and Repair4 ALTERNATING-CURRENT MOTOR CONTROL Wiring Diagrams and Line Diagrams - Starters - Troubleshooting and Repair - Testing Component Circuits5 DIRECT-CURRENT ARMATURE WINDING Typical Winding for a Small Armature - Lap Windings Wave Windings - Rewinding Procedure - Troubleshooting and Repair6 DIRECT-CURRENT MOTORS Construction - Types of DC Motors - Operation of DC Motors - Generating Factors - Counter Electromotive Force - Construction of the Field Coils - Connecting DC Motors -Reversing DC Motors - Troubleshooting and Repair7 DIRECT-CURRENT MOTOR CONTROL Manual Controllers - Reduced-Voltage Starters -Troubleshooting and Repair8 UNIVERSAL, SHADED-POLE, AND FAN MOTORS Universal Motors - Shaded-Pole Motors - Fan Motors: Speed Control9 DIRECT CURRENT GENERATORS; SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS AND GENERATORS; SYNCHROS; AND THREE-PHASE WOUND- ROTOR INDUCTION MOTORS Direct-CurrentGenerators - Synchronous Motors andGenerators; Synchros - Synchros - Three-Phase Wound Rotor Induction Motor10 SOLlD-STATE MOTOR CONTROL Semiconductor Materials - Atomic Structure - Properties of Doped Semiconductors - P-N Junction (Diode) - Diode Applications - Transistors - The Silicon controlled Rectifier - The Triac- Triggering the SCR and the Triac Solid-State Phase Control - Phase Control of Motor Speed Universal Series Motor Control - Shunt or P-M Field MotorControl - Induction Motor Controls - SCRProtection Using Transistors in Motor-Control Circuits - Solid State Switching - Three Phase Drives - ChopperDrives - Inverters - Cycloconverters - Microprocessor-controlled Motor Drives -The Stepper Motor - Servo SystemsAPPENDIXSTUDY QUESTIONSINDEX

Author Bio

Robert Rosenberg has an intimate knowledge of the requirements of the vocational school student, gained during a decade as a teacher, and has a familiarity with the needs of those actively engaged in motor repairing, a result of his many years spent in shops, make him well qualified as the author of Electric Motor Repair.

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