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Elevator Man Stories


Format: SOFT (Softcover)
Publication Date: 40422



The elevator industry has its collection of stories that mechanics and technicians share between themselves and these stories are what make our industry great. The first published book of its kind, Jim Collett has captured his 40-year career while working as an elevator mechanic in this 242-page "Elevator Man Stories" book. From his very first day on the job all the way to his retirement, each chapter covers another adventure during his career. Sometimes serious and other times hilarious accounts while working in the trade.

Our industry now has a pretty accurate recollection of what it was like back in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. It was a different time working on equipment that required a high level of expertise. A must read for any tradesman, especially if you're in the elevator industry!

"I loved reading this book and couldn't put it down. Some of the stories were hilarious! I was sad when I finished, wanting to hear more about working in the trade. I've also got a whole new respect for elevator mechanics and the dangers of working the field. - Tom Sybert - Elevator Radio Show"

Soft Cover | 242 pages | 2 lbs.

Author Bio

Jim Collett is an elevator-industry veteran of 40 years and began his career with Haughton Elevator Co. in Glendale, California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. He then worked for Montgomery Elevator Co. and Westinghouse. Collett was offered another job at Haughton as Service superintendent in Seattle until the company sent him to Sacramento to work with Schindler-Haughton. Collett later went to work for Keystone and then Reliable in Los Angeles, and back to Sacramento until he was offered a job in Monterey, California, at Tri County Elevator. He remained with that company for 12 years and retired in 2000. A member of union Locals 8, 18 and 19, Collett runs a regularly-updated weblog called Elevator Man Stories at

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