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The Control Techniques Drives and Controls Handbook

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Format: HARD (Hardcover)
Publication Date: 2009


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Variable speed drives and the associated electrical motors play a central role inindustry as well as the builings in which we live and work. They are arguably the most potent tool we have inthe quest to save energy and thereby reduce our carbon footprint. This book contains a great deal of practical information for drives and industrial engineers who use motors and drives. It is a comprehensive guide to the technology underlying drives and motors. It contains sufficient theory to give both user and student an insight into the design of these components and thereby the contraints and opportunities that exist. It has been radically revised and expanded from the previous edition. The practical grounding of this book makes it a reference work that has a place on the shelf of students as well as practicing engineers. Hardcover | 750 Pages | 4 lbs.

Author Bio

Professor Bill Drury was Technical Director/Executive Vice President -Technology for Control Techniques (a division of Emerson) for 18 years. He is now a technical advisor to the company. He is a Visiting Professor at Bristol University.

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