Electric Elevators: Books 1 & 2 (Combined)

Author: Fred Hymans
Format: HARD (Hardcover)
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Electric Elevators is a combined two-volume set of Fred Hymans' books on fundamental elevator design and engineering originally published in 1931 and 1934.

Book 1 - Electric Traction Elevators and Elevator Hoistway Equipment- One of the best-known treatises on the design and engineering aspects of electric traction elevators and hoistway equipment. It is written clearly and includes excellent drawings of both machines and hoistway equipment.  Details of component parts are fully illustrated and explained.

Includes:  Types of Installations, Roping Arrangements, Counterbalancing, Worm-Gear Traction Machines, Gearless Traction Machines, Micro-Driv Machines.  Hoistway: guide rails and fastenings, ropes and rope connections, governers, car frames and platforms, safeties for car and counterweight, oil buffers and more.

Book 2 - Electric Elevator Motors, Electric Elevator Operation, and Care and Maintenance of Electric Elevators - Provides detailed descriptions of the requirements and design of both "AC" and "DC" electric motors used in elevator applications. The book also includes methods of starting, running and stopping, and illustrated associated control wiring. The electric elevator operation section describes subjects from hand ropes to signal control. Schematics and diagrams included throughout.

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