A17.6 2010 Std. for Elevator Suspension, Compensation, and Governor Systems

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Publication Date: 2010


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The A17.6 covers the means and members of suspension, compensation and governor systems for elevators within the scope of ASME A17.1/CSA B44. This Standard is intended to be used with ASME A17.1/CSA B44, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, A17.2, Guide for the Inspection of Elevators and Escalators, and A17.3, Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators and other Codes and Standards referenced by these Standards as well as other related Standards. This Standard was developed to provide safe, consistent criteria for steel wire rope, aramid fiber rope, noncircular elastomericcoated suspension members and other means of suspension, compensation and governor systems used in the Elevator Industry. Soft Cover | 36 Pages | 1 lb.

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ASME helps the global engineering community develop solutions to real world challenges. Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME is a not-for-profit professional organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing and skill development across all engineering disciplines, while promoting the vital role of the engineer in society. ASME codes and standards, publications, conferences, continuing education and professional development programs provide a foundation for advancing technical knowledge and a safer world.

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