CET Year Three Kit (Non-NAEC Member)

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Educational Focus, Volume 2 (Print)

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Kit contains:

    • Candidate's Course Guide
    • Course 5 - Doors and Equipment (Unit 12)
    • Skills Portfolio for Course 5 (In back of Unit 12 Book)
    • Course 6 - Traction Theory, Maintenance, Testing and Safety
    • Skills Portfolio for Course 6 (In back of Course 6 Book)
    • Course 7 - Electrical Wiring and Equipment (Unit 13)
    • Skills Portfolio for Course 7 (In back of Unit 13 Book)
    • Year 3 & 4 Roadmap
    • Educational Focus Compilation, 1st Edition
    • Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook
    • Superflex Installation Guide and Whisperflex Installation Guide and Flat Cable Installation Guide
    • Continuation of subscription to ELEVATOR WORLD
  Important: Please make sure you have the candidate's name and number (obtained from NAEC) when you call to purchase.

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