CET Course III Package: Maintenance Practices and Testing

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Inspection Handbook, 7th Edition (Print)

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Approximately six months study and fieldwork. (87 class hours / 1,000 field hours) Kit contains four Units of study (covering general maintenance practices, maintenance of traction and hydraulic elevators and maintenance of escalators and moving walks), Course Guide, Skills Verification Portfolio and all relevant accompanying books. Contains the following:

    • Candidate's Course Guide
    • Unit 8 - General Maintenance Practices
    • Unit 9- Maintenance of Electric Elevators
    • Unit 10 - Maintenance of Hydraulic Elevators
    • Unit 11 - Maintenance of Escalators
    • Skills Verification Portfolio (In back of the Unit books)
    • The Elevator Maintenance Manual by Zack McCain
    • The Elevator Maintenance Field Handbook by Zack McCain
    • The Inspection Handbook by Zack McCain
    • Sam and Samantha by Elevator World
    • Field Employees' Elevator Testing Manual by Zack McCain
    • Identification, Installation, Lubrication and Maintenance of Power Transmission Roller Chains
    • Continuation of subscription to ELEVATOR WORLD magazine
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