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A History of Passenger Elevator in the 19th Century

A History of Passenger Elevator in the 19th Century (PDF)


In today’s fast-paced world of computer controlled equipment and space age technology, it is refreshing to read a book about the time when electricity was a novelty and backyard mechanics changed the world. Lee Gray, Associate Dean for the Department of Architecture, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, traces the…

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ADA & Building Transportation 4th Edition

ADA & Building Transportation, 4th Edition (PDF)


A question often asked is what accessibility standard do I follow: ADAAG, ADA/ABAAG, FHAA, MGRAD,UFAS, ANSI A117 or local requirements? Many are of the mistaken impression they must only comply with the ADA regulations. While ADA regulations have taken center stage, they do not apply universally. This handbook on accessibility…

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Educational Focus

Educational Focus (PDF)


This first edition of the educational focus series is a compilation of ELEVATOR WORLD articles that ran for 19 months from March 2002 to October 2003 and covered every aspect of elevator industry equipment. The articles contained in this book have been developed by some of the elevator industry’s most…

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Educational Focus Vol 2 PDF

Educational Focus, Volume 2 (PDF)


Educational Focus, Volume 2 compiles 20 ELEVATOR WORLD articles from our Educational Focus Series published from 2008 to 2013 and are divided into 4 sections. Section 2.1 is about elevator drives, the prime mover of all traction elevators. Section 2.2 is about elevator ropes, which is the second most important…

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Educational Focus, Volume 3 (Digital Edition)

Educational Focus, Volume 3 (PDF)


Volume 3 of our Educational Focus series is a compilation of ELEVATOR WORLD articles that focus on Escalators, Hydraulic Lifts, Operations and Maintenance, and Energy. The four sections of intense study material are taken from ELEVATOR WORLD magazine during the time frame of 2005-2013. The articles contained in this book…

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Elevator & Escalator Maintenance for Building Managers, 2nd Edition

Elevator & Escalator Maintenance for Building Managers, 2nd Edition (PDF)


Of all the equipment in a building, vertical transportation is the one and only mechanical/electrical system with which building occupants routinely have direct, physical contact. For a building to be a successful venture, in addition to providing a pleasant environment for occupants, its mechanical and electrical systems must provide safe…

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Elevator Engineering, 2nd Edition

Elevator Engineering, 2nd Edition (PDF)


Elevator Engineering, Second Edition presents a roadmap of elevator design and acts as a complete guide to practical engineering based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A17.1-2013/Canadian Standards Authority B44-13 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. This new edition includes the latest code revisions of A17.1-2013 plus information on…

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Elevator Field Maintenance Handbook (PDF)


This handbook is a pocket-sized companion to the Elevator Maintenance Manual, 3rd Edition. It contains 75 charts and guides and is designed for the service mechanic to easily take into the field for reference. It is intended for persons performing maintenance on elevators and escalators. It is not intended as…

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Elevator Maintenance Manual, 3rd Edition (PDF)


This must-have manual has now been updated with references to acceptance and periodic tests of elevators through the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 2016 edition requirements. This in-depth guide, designed for the service technician, covers elevator maintenance programs and practices as related to electric and hydraulic elevators. In addition, maintenance procedures and…

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Elevators 101, 3rd Edition (PDF)


This must-have manual is for anyone in the industry including salespersons, new hires or anyone who wants a better understanding of elevator technology. Topics include: Common Elevator Terms Codes & Publications Types of Elevators Elevator Driving Machines Control Systems, Operation & Drives Machine Space & Equipment Hoistway Equipment Pit &…

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Escalator Engineering (PDF)

Escalator Engineering (PDF)


Urbanization has been changing face of our cities for quite some time. This process is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Escalators and moving walks (MWs) are important integrants of today’s infrastructure. They play an essential role in the mass transportation of passengers in airports, metro stations and other public places. This role…

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IEES 2018: Papers on Safety and New Technologies (PDF)


The International Elevator and Escalator Symposium (IEES) is organized by Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. and Elevator World Inc., fully independent, well-known institutions that have many years of experience in the lift market. The inaugural IEES event was held in Istanbul on November 15-16, 2018. Professionals from the elevator and escalator industry,…

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2014 Installation Manual (Digital Edition)

Installation Manual, 2014 Edition (PDF)


This 400+ page manual has been completely revised and updated to reflect the step-by-step process of installing elevators and escalators. The book is brimming with photos of actual field installation procedures, safety techniques, and a multitude of wiring diagrams and layout drawings. This is your guide to the installation process…

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Lift Modernisation Design Guide, 2nd Edition

Lift Modernisation Design Guide, 2nd Edition (PDF)


This unique reference tool, originally published in 1998, has now been revised (2017) to bring it up-to-date with the most modern concepts in modernisation. It has been purposely formatted to take onto job sites and to assist engineers, consultants, mechanics, surveyors and sales teams who are actively involved in the…

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Maintenance on New Equipment Designs App of MCP requirements for elevator

Maintenance on New Equipment Designs: Application of the MCP to MRL Elevators (PDF)


New installations and designs create greater challenges and risk for elevator personnel. This book, by John Koshak, provides an overview of this new language, what documentation is required by the code, a general overview of the major manufacturers’ traction equipment, and when maintenance, inspection, testing, adjustment, repair and replacement procedures…

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THE ELEVATOR: FROM BASICS TO CALCULUS – Motor Control; Ropes and Traction; Traffic Analysis


This new book first provides a quick introductory review on elevator systems to help readers who have no background knowledge in elevator technology get into the world of elevators. It then leads to its three major parts: “Motor Drive and Control,” “Ropes and Traction” and “Traffic Analysis.” There are four…

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User Reference Guide for Elevator Ropes

User Reference Guide for Elevator Ropes (PDF)


This guide serves as both a basic primer to the elevator industry novice, and a helpful reference for the experienced professional. It thoroughly covers elevator-rope classifications, construction, designs, end fittings, termination procedures, techniques (1:1 and 2:1 installation, and 2:1 rope replacement), installation best practices, maintenance tips and other data that,…

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