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2019 BNi Facilities Manager’s Costbook


Now you can quickly and easily estimate the cost of renovations, repairs, and new construction for all types of facilities and commercial buildings. The 2019 BNi Facilities Manager’s Costbook is the first place to turn, whether you’re preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor’s bid, or submitting a formal budget…

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29 CFR OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Regulations, January 2019 Edition


Save time and lives with OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Regulations. Updated through January 2019, this book supplies you with the most current safety and health information essential to the construction industry. Formatted with the reader-friendly approach to regulations — RegLogic — these complex government standards are easy to navigate, understand,…

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CIBSE Guide D 2015 Transportation Systems in Buildings

CIBSE Guide D 2015 – Transportation Systems in Buildings


Since its inception, Guide D has become the de facto reference for many people involved in the broad and varied world of vertical transportation. The Guide provides the reader with a wealth of information and recommendations on key issues relating to vertical transportation systems. The Guide is not only a…

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Elevator & Escalator Maintenance for Building Managers, 2nd Edition

Elevator & Escalator Maintenance for Building Managers, 2nd Edition


Of all the equipment in a building, vertical transportation is the one and only mechanical/electrical system with which building occupants routinely have direct, physical contact. For a building to be a successful venture, in addition to providing a pleasant environment for occupants, its mechanical and electrical systems must provide safe…

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Facility Manager’s Maintenance Handbook, 2nd Edition


An Updated Guide to Establishing Cutting-Edge Operations and Maintenance Procedures for Today’s Complex Facilities An essential on-the-job resource, Facility Manager’s Maintenance Handbook presents step-by-step coverage of the planning, design, and execution of operations and maintenance procedures for structures, equipment, and systems in any type of facility. This career-building reference provides…

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Maintenance Manager’s Standard Manual, 6th Edition


Since it was first published in 1993, the Maintenance Manager’s Standard Manual has indeed become the STANDARD reference in the field. Over the years it has been continuously revised, and this brand-new Sixth Edition brings it completely up to date, incorporating the latest technology and best practices in all aspects…

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