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Author: John Fruin

John J. Fruin, Ph.D. is a specialist in pedestrian traffic analysis and its application to building circulation system and transportation terminal design. He has over 30 years of diversified experience in project management, research, and the planning, design, and operation of transportation facilities for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and also as a consultant to government agencies and others on a range of pedestrian traffic, circulation, and safety problems. He was the 1983 recipient of the American Society of Civil Engineers Transportation Engineering Award for contributions to pedestrian traffic research. A licensed professional engineer, he has a Doctorate in Transportation Planning and a graduate degree in Civil Engineering.

Pedestrian Planning and Design
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Pedestrian Planning and Design

by John J. Fruin, Ph.D.Describes and quantifies the space people need to walk, queue, crowdand wait. It discusses the space people need to access buses, trains, planes,elevators and escalators as well as the number of people that can walk onstairs, ...

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