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Jerry Klinke has written and illustrated many publications on industrial crane and rigging operations. Having been involved with rigging and crane operations since 1976, his background and field experience are the foundation for his published works. His career in the Nuclear Power Industry as both a Field Supervisor and later as a Training Instructor has gained him respect with craftsmen of all disciplines. Jerry has been developing and teaching rigging-related courses for more than 30 years and is a founding member of the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (ACRP), is on the Board of Directors, and have been involved with the operation of the organization since its creation in 1995. He has also served on several Rigging Task Force committees for the Crane Institute of America and the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), assisting them in their efforts to provide uniform qualification certifications and examinations to meet today's workplace requirements. He is a frequent speaker on rigging training and the standardized testing and qualification of crane operators, riggers adn signalmen.

Rigging Handbook, 5th edition
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Rigging Handbook, 5th edition

The 5th Edition - 2016 Release! -  of the Rigging Handbook is a clear, well-illustrated reference book for millwrights, rigging professionals, crane operators and anyone who is involved with performing or teaching rigging and hoisting operations. Us...

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