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What is eMCP and how does it work? 

eMCP is a new way to survey, manage and create a Maintenance Control Program (MCP) for all units under your control as required by the ASME A17.1/B44 Safety Code. Using a web-based maintenance management system, data such as age, use and environment is gathered from your specific unit and analyzed to automatically generate an annual MCP. This MCP then gives you the information you need to know, such as what maintenance procedures are needed for that unit’s specific components, and the estimated minimum time required to do them. Based upon this criteria, a maintenance plan is created to automatically update the MCP’s for you annually.

To see and use a demo version of eMCP, you can download the demo app on the Apple App store. (Note: eMCP is currently only available on Apple iOS devices.)

Additional Benefits & Features: 

  • Available for all conveyance types (Traction/Hydraulic Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, Private Residence Elevators, Special Purpose Elevators and Dumbwaiters)
  • Allows for special maintenance tasks or security requirements to be added.
  • Flexibility to alter data when needed to assure code compliance. 
  • Allows space for special notes, tasks and procedures.
  • Ability to upload photographs of the equipment as needed.
  • Provides record keeping for Cat 1, 3, and 5 testing.
  • Includes emergency evacuation and hoistway glass cleaning procedures, and records to document oil log, monthly FEO checking and callbacks.  
  • iPads to utilize the management system are included at setup, if needed.  Additional fees apply.

Who should use eMCP and why? 

Consultants: eMCP allows consultants to survey equipment and manage the bidding process for their customers in a more objective way, providing detailed analysis of the maintenance required as a service for their customers. Especially beneficial to those who represent customers with a high volume of conveyances.

Contractors: eMCP allows independent maintenance companies to manage and prepare tailored code compliant MCPs that include every required task for each unique piece of equipment under their control. eMCP gives the independent contractor a strong foothold in the bidding marketplace.

Building Owners: eMCP allows the owners to be objective and knowledgeable judges of the service that they are buying when maintenance metrics are available from their maintenance company. Using this compliant and beneficial service, eMCP will help increase up-time for the equipment and maintenance that increases the service life to a maximum.

Additional Information:

Methodology, screenshots, and how the eMCP system works – Click here

History of code required maintenance relevant to MCP – Click here

To receive a tailored solution, including pricing information for your business, please email Brad O’Guynn ( or Caleb Givens ( or call: +1. 251-479-4514.

To see and use a demo version of eMCP, you can download the demo app on the Apple App store. (Note: eMCP is currently only available on Apple iOS devices.)

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