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Author: Anthony Andon

Anthony Andon has more than eight years' experience in the elevator industry, primarily focused on elevator and escalator safety and accident analysis. Andon is currently working as a V.I.P elevator and escalator consultant. During his years of experience in this industry, he has had close relationships with all major elevator companies and performed many training courses for mechanics and engineers involved in the elevator industry, including escalator safety courses based on different codes, including EN115, ASME A17-1 and APTA 2011 in Iran. Andon is the author of five books about elevators and escalators in Iran, of which, two have earned national book of the year awards in 2013 and 2014 for the elevator and escalator Industry.

Escalator Safety
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Escalator Safety

Among vertical transportation devices, escalators and moving walks accommodate the greatest volume of passengers. Today, it is hard to imagine subway stations, airport terminals, malls and other public buildings without them. This much-needed book e...

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